Community Impact

Make a difference by getting involved in our local community. We are developing some areas of need specific for the COVID-19 crisis. As we learn more information and develop new opportunities, we will list them on this page. ‘

We also encourage you to join our Facebook group to stay connected to new opportunities as they develop.

Contact Julie Ryff if you would like to volunteer in general, or contact the project leader for specific opportunities.


Make a difference in the lives of those in need during the pandemic. Donate blood at our next Blood Drive. Register.


We’re building a new food panty at our West Campus Ministry Center to support the Back Snack program for area schools. Learn how you can get involved with the Back Snack program and Food Pantry. Contact Julie Ryff, Community Impact Coordinator.


In every community, there are children and families at a point of crisis, who need help. In those same communities, there are churches and people who care and want to take action. But what they need is a connection point. That is the where the CarePortal steps in. Our church works with area social workers and agencies in order to provide items and support in crisis. Learn more about how you can help meet needs in our community by contacting Valenie Hitchcock.


Our local ministry partner, Mission Southside, is busy meeting needs in our community. Their biggest needs right now are funds to help provide financial assistance, certain food items and help filling Backsnacks for Olathe school families. For more information and to volunteer, contact Kathy Swift.


One of the best ways we stay connected with and serve our community is through relationships with local schools. Find out how you can get involved with your neighborhood school by contacting Liz Tatham, School Impact Coordinator.

Global Missions

Meeting the practical and spiritual needs of people in far off lands is a big deal at Journey Bible Church. We take the time to invest in a few, strategic areas through relationships with missionaries on the ground. We call this effort Global Missions.

We believe that everyone has a role to play in reading those in need in our world. Your part may be to pray for missionaries and mission efforts. You may financially support long term missionaries or help fund short-term mission trips. You might even find yourself participating in a trip to see first hand the work God is doing and use your skills and passions to make a difference in the lives of others.

We regularly take trips to the countries we serve below. To learn about how you can get involved or about upcoming trips, email us today.


Journey Bible Church brings fresh water, medicine, teaching and business micro-loans to the people of Ethiopia. We have been working for six years now with local church leaders in the capitol city of Addis and in small, remote villages to meet the needs of this developing nation. Ninety million people call Ethiopia home. They enjoy a rich culture of exotic music and food, including the tradition of feeding others in your group with your own hands. Ethiopians love their sports – especially long distance track and soccer – and Ethiopia produces more coffee than any other African nation. But Ethiopia is also a country in need.

It has one of the lowest GDP per capita in the world. There is a great need for improved sanitation and health care. Traditionally an Eastern Orthodox Christian nation, poor infrastructure and a growing Islamic influence make for a difficult task of discipling those hungry for the gospel. Every year, people from our church travel to Ethiopia to make a difference in the lives of the people there. We support local pastors financially and practically as they meet the needs of their fellow Ethiopians. Thank you for your support and generosity as we continue to build on our relationships in this important nation.


India is a country full of flavor and wonder. The exotic food. Young boys playing cricket in the shadow of the Taj Mahal. Old men telling ancient tales filled with magic and superstition. A place of extremes. Poverty and wealth. Billions making their way through crowded cities while many others live life in isolated, rural villages. A variety of cultural influences from centuries old Hinduism to the British colonization that ended in 1947. Journey Bible Church is committed to bringing practical relief and the news of Jesus Christ to the oppressed, isolated, poor and often hopefulness people of India. One organization we work with is called the India Gospel League. IGL trains and sends indigenous “barefoot” pastors into the hundreds of thousands of small villages scattered throughout the large, heavily populated continent. These pastors are uniquely positioned to present the liberating love of God to a culture that is steeped in fear and idolatry. Over the last 25 years, IGL has planted over 78,000 village churches. These churches have brought light to a dark world through teaching, economic development and medical relief. There is still plenty of work to be done. Over 80% of Indians consider themselves Hindu. Thousands of villages have yet to hear about Jesus. You are invited to join us in supporting our many missionary partners in India as we work together at Journey Bible Church to make a difference in our world.


Known for its famous canal, the small country of Panama is a place of lush jungles and unspoiled highlands sandwiched between the Pacific and Atlantic oceans. It’s location made it an ideal place for Spain to funnel valuable South American silver back to Europe in 1600’s. Today, the country is a hub for international trade, beautiful landscapes and a love for baseball. Journey Bible Church has been involved in mission work in Panama for over 6 years. We work with local missionaries to reach isolated villages with food, supplies, and the gospel of Jesus. We send teams to villages such as Las Margaritas and Union Santena several times a year to help maintain the facilities, teach the kids about the Bible, and do a variety of other projects. Thank you for your support as we continue to develop our relationship with the people of Panama. Together, we are making a difference for Christ.


Making a difference in our community, one meal at a time.


The Kindness Kitchen is a ministry of Journey Bible Church on mission to serve our city by providing free, quality meals to people in need and to show our support for first responders, teachers and other organizations serving our community.

The Kindness Kitchen was launched in March 2020, and grew rapidly during the COVID-19 Pandemic as the need for ready-made meals grew exponentially.  By the spring of 2021, the kitchen was serving more than 300 meals a week to shut-in seniors, individuals and families in crisis and more.

Since the needs of our community are changing as the COVID-19 Pandemic comes to an end,  Journey Bible Church has temporarily suspended weekly meal and catering services.  We plan to give some of our regular volunteers a chance to rest this summer while we identify the best ways to use the Kindness Kitchen to advance Christ’s Kingdom in a post-Pandemic world.  Lord willing, we hope to announce an exciting, Spirit-led plan for the Kindness Kitchen’s future soon.

For additional inquires, contact Julie Ryff at of call (913) 254-9278.

Watch The Kindness Kitchen story on Channel 41 News.

Read about The Kindness Kitchen on K-LOVE News and listen to Pastor Brandon and Greg Reynolds on the K-LOVE podcast.

Pastor Brandon talks about The Kindness Kitchen on the radio at LIFE 88.5. Listen.



The Root 151 Community Garden is an opportunity for those both inside and outside our church to connect through the common love for gardening.

We have 46 10’x20′ plots available to use for the season. Basic tools, a tiller and water is available to use on site. The cost is $35 for the first plot and $20 for additional plots. Fees can be waived or reduced based on financial need. If you would like to secure multiple plots, please contact us in advance.

Direct questions to David Sachau.