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You just want life to stop being so crazy. You want to find peace in the storm. But you don’t know where to turn. You wonder if life is just meant to be overwhelming. You just want hope.

On this journey of life, hope is the light at the end of the tunnel; it’s the life preserver in the stormy seas. And hope comes from just one place – a relationship with Jesus.

That’s why we are here. The church is a place to help you along the road of exploring, developing and nurturing a life with Jesus. That is why we say at Journey Bible that we are passionately following Jesus together. We certainly haven’t perfected anything. We’re all learning and growing along the way. But we’ve experienced a robust, lasting zeal for life by surrendering ourselves to the love, grace and promises of God, and we want to help you experience that as well.

We hope to see you Sunday. Come explore all you want. Come see if this is the church home for you, and let us be there to help you grow in your understanding of Jesus and experience the life you’ve always longed for.

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Worship | 9 & 10:45am
Journey Kids & Journey Kids, Jr. | 9am
Middle School Bible Study | 9am
High School Bible Study | 9am
Connecting Café Adult Bible Study | 10:45am

Join us for worship on Sunday with one of three options: outdoor, indoor and online. We’re looking out for your health as we all as spiritual vitality. Right now, please bring your own camping or lawn chair for the in-person services. Masks are required indoors at all times. For the outdoor service, we ask that you wear a mask when social distance cannot be maintained.


9am. Participate online from the comfort and safety of your home


9 & 10:45am. Gather in the worship auditorium for teaching and worship. Masks are required when inside the building.


Watch current and recent worship services on demand.


730 W. Frontier Lane, Olathe


You’ve heard about Journey Bible Church, and you’ve thought about visiting. But you live on the west side of town, and you’re not sure if you want to make the drive or connect with people who don’t live in your neighborhood.

That’s why we are opening a new West Campus in late 2021.

We have meeting space at 730 W. Frontier Lane where we offer a few bible studies and classes. Soon, we’ll have a place where we can hold regular worship services.

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For more information about the Journey Bible Church West Campus, contact one of our campus pastors:

• Colton Tatham | Campus Pastor
Jacob Hallam | Worship Resident



Unlike membership at a gym or a country club, church membership is relational. It’s an individual commitment to be a part of the whole church body. Together, we pursue the unique mission that God has given Journey Bible Church. There are four steps to becoming a member of Journey Bible Church.

The membership process includes a 3-week membership class called Join the Journey, a complete membership application and an interview with two of our elders.

Contact Worship Pastor Jeff Lubeck regarding becoming a member of Journey Bible Church.