I LOOKED THROUGH MY CAMERA LENS at a row of dangling bare feet. A group of young boys were smashed side by side on a wood bench inside the new Sharon Hospital in Salem, India as they waited to go in, one by one, to get a routine check up from the doctor.

I was there alongside three other men in the summer of 2017 to capture the stories of God’s work through the India Gospel League, including their freshly completed hospital in the southern Tamil Nadu region of the country. Built from the donations of compassionate people like those at Journey Bible Church, the hospital could provide care for the poor in ways that the area had never seen before.

Today, the Sharon Hospital has been turned into a COVID-19 care facility as the pandemic threatens to strangle India. The beds are full of the sick and dying. Doctors and nurses work in shifts, risking themselves as they treat those in dire need. Supplies are low, but the men and women of Sharon Hospital continue to serve Jesus by how they serve others.

You and I can step in to help the Sharon Hospital at this critical hour. We can support their gospel-centered effort with prayers and financial support. Please watch this short video by IGL president Sam Stepehens and consider how you can make a difference in the front line of battling COVID and spiritual darkness.