Look around. It seems that, every day, there is someone (or a group of someones) flexing their muscles in order to stand up for something they believe in. Hopefully, the only muscle they flex are their vocal cords. Or course, there are a lot of finger muscles being flexed too as people let their “voices” be heard on social media. This can lead to Christ-followers to wonder: I want to stand up for what I believe in, but aren’t I supposed to be “meek”?

Perhaps the issue is that we misunderstand what the word “meek” means. When Jesus says, “The meek will inherit the earth” in Matthew 5:5, he’s not talking about weakness or timidity. After all, he used the same word to describe both himself and Moses. Neither of them were weak and timid. So what does it mean?

Meekness is the idea of strength under control. Think about a horse that has been tamed. There is incredible strength in that horse, but since he is under control, his strength can be focused on productive good instead of wild harm.

God gives us incredible strength, and he wants us to use that strength for good. What, then, does meekness look like for us? Perhaps it means we don’t join in the wild, out-of-control thrashing we see in the world. It means being reserved and focused. It means recognizing God’s power and obeying him instead of living life in our own, unbridled strength.


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