Each year during Christmas, we take a special Christmas Offering. This above-and-beyond offering allows us the opportunity to make a gift towards a few special projects the elder board has prayerfully chosen.

Thank you to all who gave to the Christmas Offering. Although we fell short of our goal of $450,000, we are grateful for the $377,308 sacrificially given to meet the needs of God’s kingdom here at Journey Bible Church.

If you have questions about the Christmas Offering, please contact Heather Leonard, Business Administrator.

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General Fund Reserve – $200k

The reserve fund gives us healthy margin in our cash flow as congregational giving varies month to month. It keeps our discipleship ministries running smoothly throughout the year and allows us to respond to urgent needs and emergencies. Our reserve fund is large enough to help with cash flow, but small enough to keep us trusting God’s provision each month and to continue to make wise decisions with our finances.


Building Maintenance & Improvements – $200k

Our building gets a ton of use. It is also 20 years old, and this creates big maintenance needs such as the worn out HVAC system. We also desire to upgrade some kids spaces to higher safety standards and improved flexibility. This fund will help us to tackle the essential building needs we are now facing so that we have a healthy and safe home base for making more and better disciples.


Residency Program – $50k

We are expanding our pastoral residency program so we can train more leaders and make a bigger difference in our community. Our plan is to add two more residents, including one dedicated to leading worship services at the new west Olathe campus when it opens next fall.