Our goal this year is $400,000.


General Fund Reserve – $100k

The reserve fund is essential to maintaining cash flow as congregational giving varies month to month. This keeps our discipleship ministries running smoothly throughout the year. Our goal is to keep about a month’s worth of operating expenses in our reserve fund at any time. Our reserve fund is large enough to help with cash flow, but small enough to keep us trusting God’s provision each month and to continue to make wise decisions with our finances.


Capital Improvements – $200k

Our building gets a ton of use! It is also aging and this creates big maintenance needs (such as worn out HVAC systems, a deteriorating parking lot, and more). We realize that we will need to address these issues this year. This fund will help us to tackle the essential capital improvement needs we are now facing.


West Olathe Campus – $50k

We hope to start a campus of Journey Bible Church in the fast-growing west side of Olathe sometime in 2019-2020. It is also a place with few disciplemaking churches. The $50k will be used as seed money as we move toward launching the campus. The extension of Journey Bible Church into the west side of Olathe will further God’s kingdom and impact thousands of lives


Puerto Rico Hurricane Relief – $50k

In September of last year, Hurricane Maria had a catastrophic effect on the island of Puerto Rico. Millions of people are still trying to recover from the devastation while relief efforts have moved on to other needs. We are partnering with PastorServe to come alongside a church in Puerto Rico to help it recover and rebuild. We will be sending teams to do physical work and assist as needed with the families of the church.


It’s not too late to give. Give online at any time by clicking on the link below and choosing the “Christmas Offering 2018” fund from the dropdown menu.