A 7.8 magnitude earthquake hit Northern Ecuador on Saturday, April 16, killing hundreds and injuring thousands.  Thousands more have been displaced from their homes, and clean water is scarce.
Many have asked, “What can I do?”  As followers of Jesus, the first thing we all should do is pray.  Pray for the hearts of those devastated by the loss of loved ones, of their homes, and their livelihood; pray for the world community to come to their aid; pray for the 8 percent of the Ecuadorian population who are evangelical Christians to be the light of Jesus to those affected by this disaster.  Pray for His mercies to overwhelm the nation.  And please take time to pray for protections of the young men and women, as sex trafficking is already a high risk and this type of disaster will leave them more vulnerable than ever. When we can’t think of what to pray, seek the guidance of the Holy Spirit to lead you.
Something else we can do is give to those in need.  We recommend that all who are led to donate to the relief efforts visit one or more of the sites below, with whom we are familiar, and give or serve in whatever manner you are able.
For more information, please contact Dallas Hayden of our Global Missions team.